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2 years ago

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Last year my wife and I were in London with another couple for dinner and dancing. As the designated driver who did not drink, but the other three had much to us all. If you are ready to take home ( about 1 hour drive west ) took thisav my wife got in the back thisav seat with my friend John and thisav his wife rode with me in the passenger seat. It was not long before things are very quiet and sandy ( besides me ) was fast asleep and I thought the two were in the back seat and fell asleep, but it was not long before whispering something happens in the back seat belongs. I did not realize he heard it and turned on the radio. I looked in the mirror and saw my wife leaned over the chest of my friend and he had his hand on his head and stared. when I saw that he was not looking, I put down the mirror and to my surprise, his pants were ( including pants ) in my knees and my wife had his cock completely into her mouth. (Show with anything) I saw him move his hand more thanfirmly on the head. Judy (my thisav wife) started walking up and down with his mouth and his hand on his cock control, the movement to ensure that there fell from his mouth. had to be thisav careful, because now the car had fallen and tried to see, go to a blow job and not by the way. I was very happy that it's 04th was 00 and watch the traffic was slow and sure there was an accident. For about 30 minutes he played, until I saw my friend get up almost in his seat when he emptied his cock into my wife's mouth. I could hear her difficulty swallowing all his cum and when later the clothes you know you do not miss a drop. After a few minutes he raised his head and kissed him deeply, and could get his clothes together with about 10 minutes. , I asked if he slept well on the way home and said, "You know, I had the best night and now I'm ready for some rough sex " And I wonder why? Ha!

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